Your Expert Consultant for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

ÁGORA FARMACÉUTICA is an independent Contract Research company founded in 1995 by Adelaida Martínez Trueba. The aim of the newly created company was to offer the Medical, Technical and Regulatory Departments of the pharmaceutical companies the possibility to rely on highly specialised and experienced professionals providing a platform for top-level services for the industry.

ÁGORA FARMACÉUTICA was created with the aspiration to become an extension of the referred departments working in close collaboration with them and providing comprehensive and professional consultancy on all technical aspects they might require, along with the maximum effectiveness and absolute confidentiality in all services provided.

Our target is to offer a personalised approach tailored to the specific project needs of our customers.

The extensive experience of our team in local requirements and their relationship with National Authorities provide you the opportunity of selecting the best strategy and approach in the development of your project in Spain

QUALITY on Time, this is our motto.

At international level, ÁGORA FARMACÉUTICA is member of QUADRAMED, an association with external consultancies in Germany, Italy, France, Belgium and the United Kingdom. It also works in cooperation with other European CROs and Consultancies for projects carried out in Spain.

ÁGORA FARMACÉUTICA is responsible for completing and updating the information concerning Spain in the International Regulatory Database IDRAC.

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